Ambassador Investment Captive, Inc also referred to AICC is since 2006 member of the NAFTA Association of North America, Inc. The AICC was incorporated under the Oregon Business Corporation Act on August 31, 2006 and is active on the records of the Corporation Division of Oregon. The Company works as ASSET and Risk Manager with an authorized Capital of $ 50 Million in the upper–middle class business. AICC invests in insurance and reinsurance companies and companies which have developed innovative products of interest to the insurance industry worldwide. AICC & Partners offered to private and business clients up February 2010 in Europe the own captive conception under the registered name CFIG-Capital Fund All in Insurance Guarantee®. The AICC risk management and insurance principles allow private and business clients to guard & strengthen their asset base, through the application of a CFIG recorded on their balance sheet, in a manner which conforms to Basel ll Capital Requirements.